Hybrid Cloud Powers Next-Generation Health IT

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White Paper from EMC Corp

Traditional IT infrastructures are having a tougher time standing up to growing cost pressures, evolving compliance requirements and ever-expanding volumes of patient data.

To extract maximum value from this patient data, healthcare providers need greater agility to ingest structured and unstructured data and then, securely share that data between caregivers in expanded sites of care for improved collaboration.

The strategy of a trusted hybrid cloud has emerged as a key approach to enable this IT transformation.

A hybrid cloud provides:

oA combination of private and public clouds

oIT to act as the internal service provider of choice and a broker of secure IT services

oThe optimum mix of IT service delivery via internal, private clouds and trusted public cloud providers

oPrivacy, security, and reliability at the point-of-care

Hybrid Cloud Powers Next-Generation Health IT at the Point-of-Care will help you learn how a trusted hybrid cloud can provide your organization with a powerful framework to raise the quality of patient care outcomes with improved operational efficiency.

Learn more through this informative whitepaper by EMC.

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