Adsorbers, Extracorporeal, Lipopolysaccharide

Definition : Adsorbers designed for use during extracorporeal procedures, including extracorporeal blood circulation, to reduce lipopolysaccharides (LPS). These adsorbers typically consist of adsorbents made from polyethylene discs with a specific polypeptide that binds LPS, reducing its level (i.e., when blood flow is passed through the adsorbing discs). Extracorporeal LPS adsorbers are intended mainly to reduce gram-negative bacteria endotoxins (typically lipopolysaccharides) from blood (i.e., to treat or avoid endotoxemia) and/or from an external body area in septic patients; the adsorbers are used mainly in association with the performance of surgery (e.g., cardiac) and/or other procedures (e.g., continuous renal replacement therapy, liver support therapy).

Entry Terms : "Adsorbers, Liver Support Therapy" , "Liver Support Systems" , "Lipopolysaccharide Adsorbers, Extracorporeal" , "Lipopolysaccharide Suppression Adsorbers" , "LPS Adsorbers, Extracorporeal" , "Adsorbers" , "Bacterial Pyogen Suppression Adsorbers" , "Endotoxemia Prevention/Treatment Adsorbers" , "Endotoxin Suppression Adsorbers"

UMDC code : 24255

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