Alarms, Environmental Emergency, Fire/Smoke

Definition : Environmental emergency alarms designed to activate audible (i.e., sound) and/or visual warnings when smoke beyond a threshold level and/or fire in a closed environment are detected. These alarms usually consist of a heat and/or smoke detector, appropriate transducers to generate an electrical signal, amplifiers, separate electric power systems and/or batteries, and sound and/or light sources that deliver signals (e.g., high-pitched sounds, intense flashing lights) to warn people that a fire is present. Fire/smoke alarms intended to be fixed in a particular room providing only emergency signals locally and alarm systems intended for a complete facility that may also include remote alarms (e.g., police and/or fire stations) are available. They may be used also to activate safety (e.g., unlock doors) and/or protection (e.g., sprinklers) mechanisms.

Entry Terms : "Environmental Emergency Alarms, Fire/Smoke" , "Smoke Alarms" , "Fire Alarms"

UMDC code : 25099

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