Alarms, Occupancy, Chair/Wheelchair

Definition : Occupancy alarms designed to activate audible and/or visual signals when patients attempt to get out of their chairs or wheelchairs. These alarms typically consist of pressure pad sensors placed on top of or beneath the seat of a chair or wheelchair. These alarms are deployed to determine the patient's location and are connected to an electronic control unit; some chair/wheelchair occupancy alarms can interface with nurse call systems providing remote alarms. Chair/wheelchair occupancy alarms are used to alert caregivers that a patient has or is attempting to move. Chair/wheelchair occupancy alarms can help reduce the likelihood of falls and can promote speedy assistance to patients who have already fallen by alerting caregivers that patients who should not get out of their chairs unassisted are doing so.

Entry Terms : "Bed/Chair Occupancy Alarms" , "Bed/Chair Leaving Alarms" , "Chair-Exit Alarms" , "Occupancy Alarms, Chair" , "Wheelchair-Exit Alarms" , "Occupancy Alarms, Wheelchair" , "Wheelchair Occupancy Alarms" , "Chair Occupancy Alarms" , "Alarms, Chair Occupancy" , "Wheelchair Attachments"

UMDC code : 17531

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