Alarms, Physiologic Monitoring System, Remote

Definition : Physiologic monitoring system alarms designed to generate remote audible and/or visual signals on auxiliary devices sited away from the central station and/or patient room, when patient status triggers an alarm. These systems may include electronic display screens and/or audio devices (e.g., loudspeakers); the devices may also provide additional information such the reason for the alarm and/or the room number of the patient whose status triggered the alarm. Physiologic monitoring system alarms are placed in hallways and/or multipatient rooms, providing healthcare staff ready access to patient alarm information. Some alarms may be available as components of physiologic monitoring systems, facilatating installation and support. Physiologic system auxiliary displays intended to show the monitored data (i.e., numeric, waveforms) as well as the alarm signals are also available.

Entry Terms : "Alarm Management Systems" , "Remote Alarms, Physiologic Monitoring System" , "Ancillary Alarms, Physiologic Monitoring System" , "Alarms, Physiologic Monitoring System"

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