Analyzers, Physiologic, Metabolic Rate, Oxygen Based

Definition : Metabolic rate physiologic analyzers designed to measure oxygen consumption (VO2) and estimate the rate at which a person burns calories, usually at rest (i.e., resting metabolic rate, RMR). These devices calculate the RMR using indirect calorimetry methods, performing algorithms based only on oxygen consumption rather that the combine oxygen consumption and carbon dioxide production; making them simpler than conventional metabolic analyzers. Typically the analyzers are portable or handheld devices that include a mouthpiece with unidirectional breathing valves, a flowmeter, and computerized capabilities; all integrated as a single unit. Oxygen based physiologic analyzers are mainly intended for use in hospitals and/or doctor's offices for nutritional assessment; usually to determine oxygen uptake and the caloric intake requirements of patients (e.g., weight management, burn and/or parenterally fed patients, patients at risk of malnutrition).

Entry Terms : "RMR Analyzers" , "Resting Metabolic Rate Analyzers" , "Oxygen Based Metabolic Rate Analyzers" , "Computers, Oxygen Uptake"

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