Analyzers, Physiologic, Neuromuscular Function, Body Motion

Definition : Neuromuscular function analyzers that measure and evaluate the movement of the human body or body segments. Some of these analyzers are automated optoelectronic devices that use pattern recognition and include markers, sensors, image processors, and computers; others use video (normal or high-speed) or cine cameras employing manual digitization or pattern-search algorithms. Analyzers consisting of electromagnetic devices that measure the position and orientation of sensors in space and are capable of measuring three-dimensional movements are also used for motion analysis. Body segment analyzers are used to obtain a graphic image and biomechanical analysis of human body segment movements (e.g., spinal analysis, joint function). These analyzers are used mostly to study the mechanisms of sports, work-related tasks, and rehabilitation activities.

Entry Terms : "Body Motion Analyzers" , "Motion Analysis Systems" , "Recorders, Swaying" , "Recorders, Muscular Coordination" , "Recorders, Graphic, Ataxia" , "Ataxiagraphs" , "Kinesimeters" , "Infrared Motion Analysis Systems" , "Video Motion-Analysis Systems"

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