Analyzers, Physiologic, Neuromuscular Function, Functional Capacity Evaluation

Definition : Neuromuscular function physiologic analyzers designed to evaluate the strength, dexterity, and range of motion (i.e., functional capacity evaluation [FCE]) of a person. To make a complete FCE, the analyzers should include components that permit the (frequently computerized) assessment of dexterity and range of movement of the main body parts (e.g., spine, fingers, hands), muscular strength (e.g., weight lifting), as well as the coordination between the sensorial organs (e.g., vision) and the performance of different tasks. FCE analyzers typically consist of a rack that includes the instruments (e.g., gauges, dynamometers, pinch measurement) and attachments (e.g., weight lifting boxes) needed to perform the complete evaluation; the analyzer may also include dedicated software to make a computerized fast evaluation. FCE analyzers are mainly used during rehabilitation treatments and/or to evaluate the working capabilities.

Entry Terms : "FCE Physiologic Analyzers" , "Functional Capacity Assessment Physiologic Analyzers" , "Functional Capacity Evaluation Physiologic Analyzers" , "Work Capacity Evaluation Physiologic Analyzers"

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