Analyzers, Physiologic, Neuromuscular Function, Posturographic, Spinal

Definition : Posturographic analyzers designed to evaluate an abnormal posture due to variations in the spinal structure, its alignment, and/or the position that it takes during body movements. These analyzers usually consist of a video image scanner or other multiple photographic image system, a control console, markers for a set of reference (e.g., reflective) points on the spine, computerized image processing systems, an image display, printers, and appropriate software including algorithms to evaluate abnormal spinal curvatures based on the measured parameters (e.g., the spinal rotation). These analyzers do not include ionizing radiation equipment. Spinal posturographic analyzers are used for screening, diagnoses, and follow-up of the progress of patients who suffer from a curvature of the spine usually combined with a rotation of the vertebrae (i.e., scoliosis), extreme curvature of the upper back (i.e., kyphosis), or inward abnormal curvature in the lumbar region (i.e., lordosis).

Entry Terms : "Kyphosis Physiologic Analyzers" , "Lordosis Physiologic Analyzers" , "Physiologic Analyzers, Spinal Posture" , "Scoliosis Physiologic Analyzers" , "Spinal Posturographic Physiologic Analyzers"

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