Anatomic Models

Definition : Models designed to resemble the whole human body or body parts. Human anatomic models consist of an accurate three-dimensional representation in whole (i.e., manikins) or in part of the body; they may consist of organs (e.g., liver, heart), anatomic systems (e.g., skeletal, nervous, and muscular), and or other structures (nasal cavities, middle ear) of the human anatomy. Anatomic models are made of natural (e.g., hair, bone, metal, wood) and or synthetic (e.g., plastics, silicone rubber) materials or a combination of these. Anatomic models are used for demonstration and learning the different structures of the anatomy. They may be used in combination with other dedicated devices and/or computerized systems to calibrate or test devices and/or as components of simulators used for training in particular examination, therapeutic, surgical, or postmortem procedures.

Entry Terms : "Training Equipment" , "Models, Anatomic" , "Models, Human Anatomy" , "Teaching Anatomic Models"

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