Autopsy/Dissection Stations

Definition : Installations designed for use in the performance of complete autopsy and dissection procedures on a cadaver. These stations typically consist of an autopsy/dissection table and sink that are permanently or that may be easily attached to each other; they may include a scale appropriate to weigh body parts. The table has a smooth, polished surface with raised rims and rounded corners and no crevices, screws, or rivets. The tabletop slopes toward a sink with one or more stainless steel bowls, configured to permit the direct collection of fluids from the table without additional manipulation of the bodies. The sinks typically include several faucets, cold and hot water supply, a vacuum aspirator, soap dispensers, a garbage disposal unit, and appropriate tubing for drainage. Autopsy stations may include exhaust ducts that connect to the building ventilation system, drawers for instruments and supplies storage, and electrical receptacles. Autopsy stations are designed to provide a complete installation for postmortem examination and whole-body dissection, to collect and drain fluids discharged from the cadaver, to facilitate cleaning and decontamination, and to prevent the accumulation of microorganisms. Additional equipment, such as dictation and/or photo documentation systems, is included in some autopsy/dissection stations.

Entry Terms : "Grossing Stations" , "Dissecting Stations" , "Autopsy Stations"

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