Boots, Cast Protection

Definition : Boots intended to be worn by patients who are using plaster or fiberglass casts or orthopedic walking boots or braces. Cast protection boots are designed to be worn over casts to protect them from water and other contaminants while the wearer is bathing and/or showering, or outdoors in various weather conditions. They are waterproof, made of abrasion-resistant vinyl, and designed to be easily applied by the patient. They are usually made of a specialized membrane that is waterproof and breathable; some are also latex-free; they come in various sizes, from ankle-high to over-the-knee-high, and can be reused. They can be adjusted to fit over any size foot and cast with adjustable straps, zippers, and/or elasticized fittings. Some weatherproof cast protection boots are designed with a pump and a vacuum seal and with a tight fit around the leg above the cast. The pump is used to vacuum out all of the air from inside the cast cover; this makes a waterproof seal that protects the cast from water, sand, and dirt. This type of boot can be worn at the beach, in the ocean, or in swimming pools.

Entry Terms : "Cast/Bandage Protectors" , "Boots, Cast" , "Bandage/Cast Protectors" , "Cast Boots" , "Cast Footwear" , "Cast Protection Boots" , "Cast Protectors" , "Cast/Splint Protectors" , "Splint Protectors" , "Splint/Cast Protectors"

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