Catheters, Urinary, Urethral, Drainage, Self-Retained

Definition : Drainage urethral catheters designed for continuous bladder catheterization, often over an extended period of time, for the purposes of draining urine from the bladder. These catheters typically consist of a dual-lumen, large-caliber (e.g., 18 Fr) elastomer (e.g., polyurethane, silicone) tube that includes an inflatable balloon close to its distal tip; at the proximal end, the drainage lumen is attached to an external collection bag. The external tubing also contains a port for balloon inflation (i.e., via a syringe). Once in the bladder, the ballon is inflated (e.g., with sterile liquide) to keep the catheter tip inside of the bladder. The catheter, drainage tube and the collection bag are frequently configured as a closed urinary drainage system. Self-retained drainage urinary catheters are used for short- and long-term continuous catheterization after surgical and traumatic injuries and in patients who are critically ill or suffering severe disability; they may also be used for hemostatic purposes.

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