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Definition : Balloon angioplasty catheters designed to perform percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty procedures while permitting transmission of blood to the distal coronary bed. In some of these catheters, blood enters the central lumen through side holes proximal to the balloon, due to native coronary (aortic) pressure and exits beyond the balloon into the distal coronary artery (passive diffusion). Other perfusing catheters are large-lumen, over-the-wire-design balloon catheters; blood is pumped under pressure through the lumen to the distal tip (active diffusion). Active diffusion catheters include two tubes; the annular cavity between the tubes is the inflation channel, while the lumen of the inner tube is used for advancing the guide wire, as well as for hemoperfusion. During the angioplasty procedure, blood is usually pumped from the femoral artery using a piston pump. These catheters may be considered a tool for myocardial protection during angioplasty procedures, for prevention of hemodynamic compromise in selected patients, and for prolonged balloon inflation times.

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