Catheters, Vascular, Embolectomy/Thrombectomy, Hydrodynamic

Definition : Embolectomy/thrombectomy double-lumen catheters that inject a high-velocity liquid (e.g., saline solution) jet near their distal tip, creating a hydrodynamic vortex. As a consequence of the pressure reduction (Venturi effect), thrombus and/or embolus is sucked, fragmented, and removed, typically into a collection bag. These catheters are designed to remove thrombus and/or embolus material, thereby reducing the risk of embolization, restoring the flow, and allowing better visualization of the disease area. There are several versions of the hydrolysis catheters, including 6 Fr for intracoronary use and 7 Fr for use in peripheral arteries, bypass grafts, and dialysis shunts.

Entry Terms : "Angiojet Catheters" , "Rheolytic Thrombectomy Catheters" , "Hydrodynamic Thrombectomy Catheters" , "Hydrolyzers"

UMDC code : 18652

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