Chairs, Examination/Treatment, Otorhinolaryngology

Definition : Examination/treatment chairs designed to facilitate ear, nose, throat (i.e., ENT, otorhinolaryngology) examination, treatment, and/or minor surgical procedures. These chairs are typically adjustable to a height that allows the healthcare staff to perform procedures while standing; the chair usually includes head- and armrests, a reclining back that may be tilted from a vertical to a horizontal or near-horizontal position, and rotating capabilities (frequently up to 360 degrees) that facilitate examination and/or treatment. The chairs may be mechanically operated or hydraulic or electrically powered; some chairs can be programmed to several standard positions. ENT examination and/or treatment devices (e.g., otoscopes, laryngoscopes) may be partially or completely attached as integral components of the chair or, more frequently, stand separately as self-supported, wall-mounted, or ceiling-suspended units.

Entry Terms : "Otologic Chairs" , "Chairs, Laryngologic" , "Laryngologic Chairs" , "Chairs, Otorhinolaryngology" , "Otorhinolaryngologic Chairs" , "Chairs, Examination/Treatment, Ear/Nose/Throat" , "Chairs, Examination/Treatment, Otolaryngologic" , "Otolaryngologic Examination/Treatment Chairs" , "Chairs, Examination/Treatment, ENT"

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