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Definition : Treatment chambers designed to perform whole-body cryogenic treatments (i.e., cryotherapy). These chambers typically consist of an enclosed compartment maintained at very low cryogenic temperature; a refrigerating system which is typically based on liquid nitrogen; monitors; and controls. The cryogenic compartment is kept at very low temperatures, typically below -150 degrees Celsius/-238 degrees Fahrenheit. Patients, wearing only a bathing suit and some protective garment (e.g., a mask, gloves, socks), are placed into the chamber for a few minutes (typically less than ten minutes). Whole-body cryotherapy treatment chambers are intended, in the short term, to alleviate pain. In the long term, they may help in the treatment of stress, muscle pain, itching, and insomnia; they may also be used in athlete recovery treatments after trauma.

Entry Terms : "Cryotherapy Chambers, Whole Body" , "Whole Body Cryotherapy Chambers"

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