Clamps, Surgical, Vascular, Artery, Spring/Cross Action

Definition : Vascular surgical clamps designed for the atraumatic compression of an artery to arrest or prevent hemorrhage using a spring or cross-action mechanism (known as bulldog clamps). These clamps are typically handheld, manual instruments with two metallic parts that are conformed at the distal end as strong, straight or curved blades (frequently covered with rubber or plastic) and at the proximal end as flat handles (for easy manipulation with the thumb and fingers), connected by a locking spring; the two parts are joined by a swivel pin at the center. Some spring clamps include scissors-like rings to facilitate holding and operation; other clamps have a cross-action mechanism instead of a spring and a swivel pin. Dedicated spring artery clamps are available in a variety of shapes and sizes appropriate for specific arteries and/or procedures; smaller versions of the clamps are available for use in vascular microsurgery.

Entry Terms : "Clamps, Bulldog" , "Cross Action Artery Clamps" , "Spring Action Artery Clamps" , "Bulldog Arterial Clamps"

UMDC code : 10868

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