Cold/Hot Pack Holders

Definition : Devices designed to hold one or more cold or hot packs externally to the body of a patient, frequently supporting and/or securing the use of the pack during a therapeutic procedure. These holders are usually shaped specifically to the anatomical part where they are attached and/or the pack that they are holding. Cold/hot pack holders are typically made of a soft material (e.g., fabric, foam) with a pouch or pocket to hold a hot or cold pack and keep it close to, but not in direct contact with, the skin; they usually include some type of fasteners (e.g., cord ties, hook-and-loop closures [Velcro]) that fit around the body part (e.g., arm, leg, wrist) to hold the hot/cold pack in place.

Entry Terms : "Packs" , "Cold Pack Holders" , "Hot Pack Holders" , "Hot/Cold Therapy Hand Mitts" , "Supports, Hot/Cold Pack"

UMDC code : 16207

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