Cooling Garments

Definition : Special garments (e.g., neck bands, neck wraps, hats, vests, ponchos) worn to lower the body temperature of the wearer. The cooling garments may achieve cooling by various methods including air cooling, water cooling, evaporation techniques, or phase-change of water or hydrocarbon gel present within the garments. Some cooling garments may be battery operated or connected to a main power supply to offer refrigeration-type cooling. Other cooling garments may contain pockets for ice packs or the garments may be tethered by hoses to cooling units that circulate forced cool air or cold water through the hoses to the cooling garments. Cooling garments have many applications in outdoor activities, sports, medicine, emergency preparedness, the military, and home care. Dedicated cooling garments are used by operating room personnel while working in operating rooms and other environments with higher room temperatures.

Entry Terms : "Cooling Clothing"

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