Defibrillators, External, Automated

Definition : External defibrillators that only require the user to apply the electrodes to the patient and follow the voice prompts and/or on-screen messages to operate the device; some require the user to activate the analysis function. Automated defibrillators analyze the ECG rhythm to determine if a defibrillation shock is needed; if it is, the defibrillator warns the operator and automatically charges and discharges. Most of these defibrillators use a single pair of disposable electrodes to monitor the ECG and deliver the defibrillator discharge, but some also incorporate ECG displays. The simple design and ease of use of automated defibrillators requires very little training and operational skill.

Entry Terms : "Defibrillators, Battery-Powered" , "Defibrillators, Automated, External" , "Shock-Advisory Defibrillators" , "Defibrillators, Automatic" , "AEDs" , "Automatic External Defibrillators" , "Semiautomated Defibrillators" , "Automated External Defibrillators" , "External Defibrillators, Automated" , "Automated/Semiautomated Defibrillators" , "Defibrillators, Automated/Semiautomated"

UMDC code : 17116

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