Disinfectors, Liquid Germicide, Flexible Endoscope

Definition : Liquid germicide disinfectors designed to kill or inactivate many microorganisms (e.g., fungi, viruses, bacteria) from flexible endoscopes. These disinfectors typically kill microorganisms including mycobacteria, all fungi, and small nonlipid viruses (medium-level disinfection). Some of these disinfectors can also kill spore-forming bacteria (except when there is a large number) providing high-level disinfection (near-sterile disinfection). Flexible endoscope disinfectors typically apply a chemical germicide (e.g., 2% glutaraldehyde) to the endoscope, using mechanisms (e.g., channel tubing) that facilitate the circulation of the germicide through all working channels of the endoscope, usually for a period shorter than that required for sterilization. These disinfectors are used after manual cleaning of the endoscopes (i.e., removal of biological debris) even though some devices include several washing steps in their disinfection cycle.

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