Dispensers, Medication, Liquid, Unit-Dose

Definition : Unit dose liquid medication dispensers designed to store and deliver the correct single liquid dose needed for an individual patient. These dispensers deliver unit-doses of a liquid medication from a medication container; they may supply a variety of liquid products (e.g. vaccines, biopharmaceuticals). Liquid medication unit-dose dispensers can be manually or power operated. These dispensers are usually made of plastic, metal or a combination of these. They are commonly used at home and at healthcare facilities. Medication dispensers are not usually devices intended for direct administration of medication to patients, they supply the medications and/or medication devices used for administration of medicines.

Entry Terms : "Unit-Dose Dispensers" , "Dispensers, Fluid" , "Unit-Dose Dispensers, Liquid" , "Unit-Dose Drug Liquid Dispensers" , "Oral Medication Dispensers" , "Oral Syringes" , "Syringes, Oral"

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