Dressings, Nonimpregnated, Synthetic, Foam

Definition : Synthetic dressings made of hydrophilic synthetic polymers (typically a polyurethane foam containing small chambers). These dressings are usually made of thick plastic film (i.e., sheets) or porous sponge-like materials that are highly permeable to vapors and oxygen but impermeable to liquids and bacteria. Foam dressings usually absorb wound exudates; they are used mainly in wound management.

Entry Terms : "Cavity Dressings, Wound" , "Dressings, Foam" , "Polyurethane Foam Dressings" , "Semi-Permeable Dressings" , "Burn Dressings" , "Dressings, Burn" , "Dressings, Cavity Wound" , "Foam Dressings" , "Dressings, Semi-Occlusive" , "Semi-Occlusive Dressings" , "Silicone Sheet/Foam Dressings" , "Foam/Silicone Sheet Dressings" , "Wound Cavity Dressings"

UMDC code : 11323

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