Electrodes, Cardiac, Electrocardiography, Transcutaneous, Neonatal

Definition : Electrocardiography (ECG) electrodes designed for application to the surface of an infant's body to transmit bioelectric signals from the heart to an electrocardiograph or intrapartum fetal monitor. These electrodes are usually metal devices attached to a tape, foam, or cloth substrate that meet special pediatric size requirements; they are typically applied with a conductive wet gel to provide instant electrical contact and to secure a gentle adhesion to the infant's fragile skin. Neonatal cardiac electrodes are intended to detect and transmit bioelectric heart signals for measuring, recording, and/or monitoring the cardiac rhythm. Reusable as well as disposable neonatal transcutaneous cardiac electrodes are available; dedicated neonatal electrodes applied to the fetal scalp intended for intrapartum use are also available.

Entry Terms : "Electrodes, Electrocardiographic, Neonatal" , "Neonatal Transcutaneous Electrodes"

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