Definition : Recorders designed to record the electrical potential created by eye movements. These recorders consist of a central unit that includes electronic memory (e.g., electronic, hard disk) and a set of detachable electrodes. The recorder may also include one or two channels for simultaneously measuring the potential from both eyes to allow the measurement of the potential in magnitude and direction as a vector. Electronystagmographs are used to detect the performance of the acoustic and oculomotor nerves whose dysfunction may cause dizziness or vertigo and may be affected in diseases such as multiple sclerosis, vestibular dysfunctions, the presence of drugs, and by other specific disorders characterized by involuntary eye movement (nystagmus).

Entry Terms : "Nystagmographs" , "Monitors, Eye Movement" , "Recorders, Paper Chart" , "Recorders, Chart" , "Strip-Chart Recorders" , "Graphic Recorders" , "ENGs" , "Chart Recorders" , "Recorders, Electronystagmography"

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