Embolectomy/Thrombectomy Systems, Hydrodynamic, Intravascular

Definition : Systems designed to restore blood flow to arteries and veins occluded with a stationary blood clot (i.e., thrombus) or a mass lodged in the vasculature (i.e., embolus) using hydrodynamic technology. These systems typically consist of a central unit (console) usually mounted on a cart that includes a pump to deliver the liquid (e.g., saline solution) at high speed through a detachable intravascular catheter; controls for the volume and flow of the infused solution; and a monitor to show the performance of the system (e.g., run time, liquid volume and speed) and the type of catheter used. A set of detachable dedicated (e.g., coronary, peripheral) catheters may be used with the console; the catheters usually are double-lumen devices that inject a high-velocity liquid (e.g., saline solution) jet near their distal tip, creating a hydrodynamic vortex. As a consequence of the pressure reduction (Venturi effect), thrombus and/or embolus is sucked, fragmented, and removed, typically into a collection bag. Intravascular embolectomy/thrombectomy hydrodynamic systems are intended to restore normal flow of blood and to permit better visualization of the disease area, reducing the risk of further embolization. These systems are mainly used in procedures performed in catheterization laboratories.

Entry Terms : "Hydrotherapy Systems" , "Cardiac Catheterization Equipment" , "Angioplasty Systems, Hydrodynamic" , "Embolectomy/Thrombectomy Systems" , "Embolectomy/Thrombectomy Systems, Endovascular, Hydrodynamic" , "Hydrodynamic Angioplasty Systems" , "Hydrodynamic Systems" , "Hydrodynamic Therapy System" , "Hydrodynamic Units, Embolectomy/Thrombectomy, Intravascular" , "Intravascular Embolectomy Hydrodynamic Systems" , "Intravascular Thrombectomy Hydrodynamic Systems"

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