Evaporators, Rotary

Definition : Evaporators that are used to rapidly separate liquids in a mixture, usually solvents from reaction mixtures, by providing rotation of the vessels holding the samples. Rotary evaporators (also called rotovaps) consist of a condenser, a collection vessel, and a rotating vessel (usually a large flask) maintained under vacuum and that is heated by partial immersion in a hot water bath. Rotary evaporation provides heat transfer to the contained mixture and increases the surface area, therefore speeding up the evaporation process and preventing local overheating. Rotary evaporators reduce the pressure in the flask so that it is lower than atmospheric pressure, allowing solvents to boil at lower temperatures. The condensed vapors are drained through a tube into a condenser where they are collected for reuse or disposal. Rotary evaporators are used in chemical laboratories for processes such as chromatography and for the recovery of solvents for recycling.

Entry Terms : "Rotary Evaporators"

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