Exercisers, Balance Board, Wobble

Definition : Board balance exercisers designed to improve the user's ability to maintain proper posture. Wobble boards consist of a round, flat, wooden or plastic board with a plastic, semispherical fulcrum attached underneath; they can usually be moved in multiple angular degrees, and tile angles are also adjustable. Users try to maintain their balance during the exercises while standing on the unstable surface. Wobble-board balance exercisers are used to train for stability and balance in exercises that entail standing, walking, or squatting on the boards. They are intended to improve stability, balance, and coordination; additionally, they can improve muscle strength, endurance, and flexibility in the upper body/torso and lower body.

Entry Terms : "Wobble Boards" , "Wobble Board Exercisers" , "Exercisers, Wobble Board"

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