Exercisers, Muscle Strength, Free Weight, Dumbbell

Definition : Free weight exercisers designed to provide resistance to muscular contraction using two weight plates connected by a short bar (i.e., dumbbells and weight); the resistance is provided by the force of gravity acting on the dumbbells. Dumbbells are not attached to any other devices and do not restrict a user's movements. These exercisers are short, handheld bars with balls or disks attached at each end; they are usually made of metals and/or plastic-covered concrete. Dumbbells can be used in exercises to train the upper limb/trunk (e.g., bicep curl, hammer curls, bench press, abdominal curls) or lower limb (e.g., lunge, squat) muscles. Dumbbell exercisers are intended to improve muscle strength in the upper limb, trunk, and lower limb; increase muscle size, muscle endurance, and power; and improve bone density.

Entry Terms : "Exercisers, Dumbbell" , "Dumbbells"

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