Filters, Blood

Definition : Filters designed to remove particles from blood. These filters are typically made of porous material that removes blood clots and/or foreign particles (i.e. debris) from circulating blood, permitting easy passage with minimum damage to blood components. Blood filters may be placed internally in the patient's circulatory system (i.e., intravascular) or externally to filter blood that is infused into the patient, frequently from an extracorporeal device (e.g., hemodialysis unit, cardiopulmonary bypass unit, hemofiltration device). Intravascular filters may be intended for temporary use (e.g., in the carotid artery during surgery) or as a permanent implant (e.g., vena cava filters); filters intended for external infusion of blood into the arteries may also be able to trap air bubbles.

Entry Terms : "Blood Filters"

UMDC code : 11713

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