Hemostatic Agents, Surgical, Absorbable

Definition : Surgical hemostatic agents that are designed for intraoperative control of organ and/or tissue bleeding (i.e., hemorrhage) during surgical procedures and are absorbed by the body. These agents may consist of adhesive products (e.g., biological sealants) that create a mechanical porous barrier to decrease blood flow; some blood is allowed to penetrate to promote cellular aggregation and hemostasis. Some absorbable hemostatic agents are supplied as a two-component product that combines to form foam when applied; two-component absorbable synthetic products (absorbable synthetic sealants) are also available. Absorbable surgical hemostatic agents are intended mainly to facilitate permanent bleeding control in organs (frequently the liver and/or spleen) and/or tissues. They are designed to facilitate recovery after surgery and to help avoid additional surgical procedures. They may be also used in some emergency situations (e.g., to stop hemorrhage) in open wounds.

Entry Terms : "Surgical Hemostatic Agents, Absorbable"

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