Immobilizers, Cervical

Definition : Immobilizers designed to restrict head, neck, and cervical spine lateral and rotational motion. These devices are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, including complete integral immobilizers and devices designed for use in combination with a spinal board. Integral immobilizers include vests with head straps and small, rigid half-back boards (either fixed or movable) and halo vests. Halo vests comprise three basic parts: a vest that is fitted on the torso to support the weight of the device, a metal halo ring that is fixed around the head by metal pins, and metal rods that connect the halo to the vest. Devices designed for use with a spinal board include head immobilizers composed of foam head supports, an attachment base, and head straps and cervical collars in different shapes and sizes. Cervical immobilizers are used for emergency stabilization of injured patients and for long-term care of patients after injuries or surgery.

Entry Terms : "Halo Devices" , "Halo Braces"

UMDC code : -21426

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