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Definition : Data management information systems designed to allow physicians and other health care providers to enter orders for medications, diagnostic tests, and other orders (e.g., wound care, special diets) using a desktop, mobile, or handheld computer rather than through handwritten or oral orders. These systems typically consist of networked computers (workstations) implemented over a local area network (LAN) or a wide area network (WAN). The systems depend on a central data repository, which is typically part of the main hospital-wide information system. These systems allow the health care provider to enter all patient orders, check the status of patient orders, and retrieve other patient records and/or test results (e.g., radiology exams, laboratory tests). Provider order entry information systems are used for accurate management of all patient orders, including a record of the prescription and administration of medications, and reducing errors at the point of care. Error reduction is achieved through the use of safety alerts and clinical decision support at the time that the order is entered. They also achieve error reduction by eliminating transcription errors that result from misinterpretation of handwritten orders.The systems are used throughout a healthcare facility, including in emergency care, inpatient care areas and outpatient physician's offices, and in nursing facilities.

Entry Terms : "Provider Computerized Order Entry Systems" , "Physician Computerized Order Entry Systems" , "Electronic Prescribing Systems" , "Computerized Physician Order Entry Systems" , "Computer-Based Physician Order Entry Systems" , "Computerized Provider Order Entry Systems" , "CPOE Systems"

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