Lice Treatment Kits

Definition : Pre-packaged kits with several components designed to kill and remove lice and their eggs from the user's hair. Most kits include a shampoo treatment and a very fine-toothed comb, some also include a foam or gel solution to use with the comb and an upholstery spray. The shampoo is used first to wash the infested person's hair and scalp. The shampoo is intended to kill the lice and their eggs with pesticides or by smothering them. Then the comb (sometimes with the addition a gel or foam applied to the scalp) is used to comb the hair and scalp physically removing the lice and their eggs. A spray may also be applied to linens and upholstery to kill any lice and eggs on pillows, hats, car seats, etc.

Entry Terms : "Delousing Kits" , "Lice Removal Kits" , "Lice Treatment Shampoos" , "Nit Treatment Kits"

UMDC code : 26625

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