Liquid Oxygen Units, Individual

Definition : Oxygen delivery units designed to supply oxygen to an individual patient. These units may consist of a pressurized oxygen gas canister, a regulator, and appropriate means to supply oxygen to the user (e.g., cannulae). Units using liquid oxygen (LOX) as the oxygen source consist of a container in which the lower reservoir contains LOX, a warming coil where the liquid oxygen is converted into gas, and a smaller upper reservoir where the oxygen gas is stored. A valve that regulates the flow of gaseous oxygen to the patient from the upper reservoir of the container due to the pressure gradient between the oxygen gas and the atmosphere is also needed. When the upper reservoir falls below a certain pressure, additional liquid oxygen is drawn up from the lower reservoir of the container, providing a constant flow to the patient. The use of LOX reduces the volume and weight of portable oxygen delivery units, facilitating its use by ambulatory patients.

Entry Terms : "Portable Oxygen Canisters, Liquid" , "Oxygen Units, Individual, Liquid" , "Oxygen Administration Systems"

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