Massage Machines, Physical Therapy

Definition : Devices used during physical therapy to apply pressure or strokes (i.e., massage), rhythmic tapping (i.e., percussion), and/or vibration when placed against the patient's skin to massage the muscles or tissues. These therapies help to release muscle tension, increase blood circulation, and decrease lymphatic congestion. Some physical therapy massage machines can be programmed to deliver consistent pressure, percussion, or vibration at pre-determined intervals. They can be supplied with different applicators, such as multi-pronged or round firm-rubber domes, or percussion adapters, and are typically hand held. Physical therapy massagers are powered by batteries or electrical sources, and can be mounted on a mobile caster stand, set on a tabletop, or attached to the wall. They are used in physical therapy, chiropractic, and rehabilitation facilities. Physical therapy massage machines that provide heat as well as massage are available.

Entry Terms : "Massagers" , "Muscle Pain Therapeutic Units" , "Physical Therapy Massagers"

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