Monitors, Physiologic, Glucose, Personal

Definition : Physiologic self-monitoring (i.e., personal) monitors designed for continuous or near continuous measurement and display of a patient's glucose level. These monitors consist of a small main electronic unit that is worn by the patient (e.g., placed around the wrist, carried in a pouch) that includes electronic circuits, an LCD display, and attached glucose sensors that may be inserted in the subcutaneous tissue (typically in the abdomen), or noninvasively (usually by measuring interstitial fluid extracted from the skin). Personal glucose monitors are intended to improve the patient's self-management; they may also record glucose level variations in diabetic patients, permitting better therapy planning by identifying patterns in the fluctuation of glucose level (i.e., glucose profile).

Entry Terms : "Monitors, Personal" , "Blood Glucose Meters, Portable" , "Self-Care Monitors" , "Patient-Worn Monitors" , "Monitors, Patient-Worn" , "Monitors, Self Care" , "Glucose Physiologic Personal Monitors" , "Monitors, Personal, Glucose" , "Personal Monitors"

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