Ophthalmic Perimeters

Definition : Ophthalmic instruments designed to measure and evaluate the area (visual field) within which stimuli projected on a curved surface will produce the sensation of sight with the eyes in a straight-ahead position. These devices can determine the central and peripheral visual field and, usually, the areas of lost or depressed vision (scotomas). The determination basically establishes separately each eye's capability to see white test objects. Ophthalmic perimeters may use mobile targets of fixed luminosity (kinetic perimeters) or fixed targets (static perimeters). The results are usually recorded for each eye and include a continuous curve that represents the boundary of the visual field on a polar-coordinates graph. These perimeters are used to detect and evaluate pathologies that cause constriction of the peripheral vision (e.g., retinal detachment, retinitis pigmentosa) or that affect both peripheral and central vision, such as intracranial pathologies. Manual and automated ophthalmic perimeters are available.

Entry Terms : "Perimeters, Ophthalmic" , "Plotters, Visual Field" , "Visual Field Plotters" , "Visuometers" , "Peripheral Field Analyzers" , "Friedmann Visual Field Analyzers" , "Humphrey Visual Field Analyzers" , "Perimeters" , "Diopsimeters" , "Visual Field Analyzers" , "Peripheral Vision Analyzers"

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