Orthoses, Lower Limb, Ankle-Foot, Gait, Rigid Ankle

Definition : Gait ankle-foot orthoses designed to make possible and/or improve the normal activities of the ankle joint and foot by providing control (e.g., inversion and eversion of the ankle, dorsiflexion) of the combined ankle joint and foot using a solid rigid ankle articulation. These orthoses typically consist of semi-rigid or rigid orthoses encircling the lower leg fitting inside the shoes. They are made of thermoplastics or, less frequently, of metal and leather. Rigid ankle orthoses facilitate the normal function of otherwise partially or totally disabled ankle joint or foot to alleviate pain and facilitate stance in patients with a weak ankle joint (e.g., as a sequel of poliomyelitis). Dedicated solid ankle orthoses intended for patients with peripheral vascular diseases are also available.

Entry Terms : "Ankle-Foot Gait Orthoses, Rigid Ankle" , "Total Contact Ankle-Foot Orthoses"

UMDC code : 28870

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