Orthoses, Lower Limb, Knee, Gait, Orthotic Joint, Locking

Definition : Gait orthotic joint knee orthoses designed to support and assist the knee joint during normal motion by locking the knee joint when the patient is standing, pushing the legs in fully extended position. These orthoses consist of prefabricated or custom-made devices, typically including soft cuffs encircling the thigh and leg, respectively, and a mechanism including a dropping ring or lever lock orthosis joint that prevents the knee from bending. Joint locking functional knee orthoses are intended mainly for long-term use in normal activities by users with poor quadriceps muscle strength, frequently found in patients who previously suffered from poliomyelitis (i.e., post-polio paralysis and/or syndrome).

Entry Terms : "Locking Orthotic Joint Knee Gait Orthoses"

UMDC code : 28840

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