Retractors, Surgical, Brain, Nerve Decompression

Definition : Brain surgery retractors designed to temporarily separate and hold back a segment of the brain, opening a corridor to a nerve inside the brain (usually the trigeminal nerve), exposing and providing access to blood vessels causing compression to the intracranial nerve. These retractors are frequently manual, handheld instruments consisting of flat, malleable, shaft with a curved blade at the distal end and a flat or rounded handle at the proximal end. Self-retained brain retractors that include appropriate mechanisms intended to retract the whole brain are also available. Nerve decompression retractors are used in surgical procedures to relieve the symptoms (pain, muscle twitching) caused by compression of a nerve by an artery or vein.

Entry Terms : "Brain Decompression Retractors" , "Microvascular Decompression Brain Retractors" , "Retractors, Brain, Decompression"

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