Retractors, Surgical, Multipurpose, Fiberoptic-Illuminated

Definition : Multipurpose surgical retractors designed to temporarily separate and/or hold back the edge of incisions performed in one of many different anatomic structures, exposing and providing access to other tissues, organs, or structures during surgical procedures that include a fiberoptic bundle to deliver light for illumination of the surgical site. These retractors may consist of manual, handheld or self-retained instruments with an integral or attached fiber optic bundle that delivers light to the surgical site from an external light source. Dedicated fiberoptic surgical retractors are available for particular anatomic structures (e.g., throat, perineal) or surgical procedures such as plastic, vaginal, gynecologic, or orthopedic surgery. Many particular types of retractors permit the attachment of fiberoptic bundles to them.

Entry Terms : "Retractors, Fiberoptic" , "Fiberoptic Retractors" , "Retractors, Fiberoptic-Illuminated"

UMDC code : 15635

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