Scanning Systems, Body Pressure

Definition : Scanning systems designed to provide images representing the pressure exerted by the body on a fixed pad or platform attached to body support surfaces. These systems usually include very thin pads with many pressure sensors, a data processing unit, software, and a computer monitor. The monitor display provides color images and data showing the pressure distribution (i.e., pressure mapping) and point-by-point pressure values. Dedicated pads intended to determine the pressure while sitting (both for the seat and backrest), lying in bed, or other conditions are available. Pressure scanning systems are used to assess the body pressure distribution of patients that have to stay for long periods of time permanently sitting (e.g., on wheelchairs) or in bed-ridden conditions. Some dedicated systems are intended only to assess the plantar pressure exerted by the feet on the floor.

Entry Terms : "Body Pressure Distribution Mapping Systems" , "Body Pressure Mapping Systems" , "Mapping Pressure Systems" , "Mattress Body Pressure Mapping Systems" , "Pressure Scanning Systems" , "Wheelchair Body Pressure Mapping Systems"

UMDC code : 33752

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