Sinks, Examination/Treatment

Definition : Sinks designed primarily for cleaning the hands of healthcare personnel in hospital examination and/or treatment rooms, including physician and dental offices, and nurse stations. These sinks typically consist of one or more stainless steel bowls, with a seamless construction without crevices, that include several faucets, cold and hot water supply, and appropriate tubing for drainage; the sinks may include electrical receptacles, and/or drawers for instruments and supplies storage. They are frequently operated using infrared devices or footpedals. Healthcare staff handwashing is used to reduce/prevent the transmission of infection to patients; the sinks are usually available as stand-alone equipment, but may be also included as an integral part of a nurse station. Examination/treatment sinks are usually located throughout healthcare facilities to facilitate personnel handwashing and/or cleaning of small devices and supplies close to the site of patient care.

Entry Terms : "Sinks, Examination Room" , "Examination Room Sinks" , "Sinks, Hand" , "Hand Sinks" , "Handwashing Sinks" , "Sinks, Clinical"

UMDC code : 15934

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