Spirometers, Screening

Definition : Spirometers designed to measure only the maximum volume of gas which can be expired from the lungs (i.e., the expiratory vital capacity [EVC]) and/or a few breathing parameters (e.g., forced expiratory volume at 1 and/or 6 seconds [FEV1, FEV6]) but not the complete set of parameters needed for complete diagnosis. These spirometers may consist either of a simple handheld instruments with a disposable mouthpiece where the person blows and a gauge with an indicator needle that registers the EVC usually up to a limit (e.g., 7 liters) or more elaborate instruments with additional measuring capabilities. Screening spirometers are used to discriminate the pulmonary status in routine tests performed in hospitals, doctor's offices, and the field; some instruments (also known as incentive spirometers) may be used as pulmonary exercisers.

Entry Terms : "Screening Spirometers"

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