Suture Needle Holding Instruments, Endoscopic

Definition : Handheld surgical instruments designed to hold a suture needle while suturing through an endoscope, laparoscope, cannula, sleeve, or other appropriate device during minimally invasive surgical procedures. These devices typically consist of a straight or curved, handheld, manual holder with an actuating mechanism to control slim jaws resembling a grasper at the distal end with a shape (e.g., convex, concave) appropriate for manipulating needles used in endoscopic suturing. The needle holding jaws are connected to a long shaft, usually at least 30 cm (12 inches) in length, which may be locked into position or may rotate around the shaft's longitudinal axis and which reaches outside of the endoscope, laparoscope cannula, or sleeve to a handle (or some type of grasping mechanism) intended for manipulation by the user. Endoscopic suture needle holding instruments are available in a range of sizes and shapes, depending on the type of procedure and shape of the suture needle used.

Entry Terms : "Endoscopic Needle Holders" , "Laparoscopic Needle Holders" , "Needle Holders, Endoscopic" , "Suture Needle Holders, Endoscopic"

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