Toothbrushes, Manual, Gingiva/Interproximal

Definition : Manual toothbrushes designed for mechanically cleaning the gingiva, the spaces between the teeth (i.e., interproximal), and/or the spaces between the teeth and periodontal pockets; they are also used to deliver cleaning and/or drugs to these sites. These brushes typically have outer and inner V-shaped portions forming working surfaces with intersections at the distal ends from the spines, and bristles extending from the intersections that are intended to clean the deeper portions of the subgingival region between the teeth and gums. Gingiva/interproximal toothbrushes frequently include an aperture in at least one of the working surfaces to deliver irrigation fluid, medicating (e.g., antibacterial), or other cleaning agent; the product is then guided by the bristles to the subgingival region.

Entry Terms : "Interproximal Toothbrushes" , "Gingiva Toothbrushes"

UMDC code : 21151

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