Warming Units, Patient, Conductive Layer, Infant

Definition : Infant warming units comprised of a heat conducting layer (e.g., carbon polymer) placed above a flexible pad (e.g., viscoelastic foam) that conducts heat supplied by a low voltage power source (either mains or rechargeable battery). The pad is sized to fit an infant bassinet and is usually placed under the infant as a mattress but may be placed over the infant as a blanket. The conductive layer pad can mold to the shape of the infant's body to evenly heat the infant. Infant conductive layer patient warming units have slightly lower temperature ranges (usually 28 degrees C to 39 degrees C or 82 degrees F to 102 degrees F) than those used for adults. A thermal cut-out is also integrated into the mattress or blanket to prevent over-heating of the patient. Infant conductive layer warming units are used to prevent hypothermia of infants in the delivery room, neonatal intensive care units or other neonatal care settings.

Entry Terms : "Infant Conductive Layer Patient Warming Units" , "Conductive Layer Patient Warming Units, Infant" , "Infant Warmers"

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