Data Processors, Ultrasonic Scanning
Dictation Systems, Digital
Dictation Systems, Digital, Speech Recognition/Transcription
Docking/Charging Stations, Handheld Computer
Dressing Aids
Dressing Aids, Button/Zipper
Dressing Aids, Clothing
Dressing Aids, Elastic Shoelace
Dressing Aids, Shoe
Dressing Aids, Stocking/Sock
Dynamometer Exercise Systems, Computerized
Dynamometers, Hand Grip, Bulb Squeeze
Dynamometers, Hand Grip, Spring
Dynamometers, Hand Grip/Pinch Force, Bulb Squeeze
Dynamometers, Multipurpose, Push-Pull
Dynamometers, Pinch Force
Dynamometers, Pinch Force, Hydraulic

Can voice recognition truly enhance EHR usability?
Voice recognition technology is replacing conventional dictation across a variety of healthcare information systems, EHRs included. The click-heavy nature of most EHRs is a primary reason for dissatisfaction with the user experience. How effective is voice recognition, and can it eliminate transcription? Learn the answers to these questions and more in this insightful white paper from ChartLogic.
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